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Increase Up To 30% Revenue

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Why Use Menu?

Better interaction with your customer

Your customer will have a better experience in your restaurant


Improve your customer experience with QR Digital Menu


You Ask, We Answer!

what is Desty Menu?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

Desty Menu is a powerful mobile digital menu integrated with payments that tailored for F&B and hospitality businesses.

How much is the monthly or yearly fee?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

It is free to use Desty Menu and we don’t charge anything in monthly or yearly period. We only charge a small amount of transaction fee. Please click the contact us button and fill the form to get more detail information

How does Desty Menu work?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

Once your business implemented Desty Menu QR Code, your customers just have to scan the QR code, order the menu through beautiful digital menu and pay easily using multiple payment option.

Who can use Desty Menu?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

All type of F&B and hospitality industry can utilize Desty Menu to improve customer order experience as well as to improve the revenue

How to start using Desty Menu?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

Please click the contact us button and fill the contact form detail. Our professional F&B team will contact you right away.

Do I need to purchase any tablet or hardware?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

No. To use Desty Menu for your business, you don’t need to buy any new tablet or hardware. Desty Menu use web app and anyone can use it without have to install anything.

My operational team is not tech savvy. What should we do?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

Desty Menu provides support and training without charging anything to your operational team. We make sure your team will be able to operate Desty Menu easily before the launching date.

I already use a POS. Can I replace Desty Menu with the POS?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

Desty Menu is not a POS software and we encourage your business to keep using the POS. We are working hard to integrate with any POS and if you have any POS integration request, please kindly contact us.

Can Desty Menu sync to my POS?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

We are working hard to integrate with your POS. Please kindly contact us and let us know the detail of the POS that you are using.

Is my data safe?2021-12-30T10:13:44+08:00

Your data including customer information and transaction information are securely store at our secure server and all data are encrypted through secure HTTPS connection